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At Fremont Street Advisors, we are 100% committed to growing your revenue and reputation within the Mortgage Servicing Industry through our strategic approach to business development and innovative marketing process. Whether you’re a Bank, Servicer or Vendor, we are your expert advisors.

Vendors, let us grow your revenue and build your brand.

Banks and Servicers, lean on us to optimize your business and help solve your toughest pain points with our hand-selected client matrix.

​​Fremont Street Advisors proudly represents Mortgage and Litigation law firms nationwide and vendors in Fintech,  Property Preservation, Valuations, National Title, National BK and National BPL.

The Fremont Solutions

We always come from a place of curiosity and a genuine desire to help servicers be the best that they can be. Servicing is a low margin game, so stop leaking money by using bad foreclosure counsel, slow title and valuations products, and property preservation vendors that are OK with C scorecards. Rely on our clients to run an efficient shop.


Foreclosure Law Firms

We represent some of the best foreclosure & litigation law firms across the nation



It’s time to update your processes and technology. We can help you do that


National Title, BK & BPL

Our national networks will simplify and optimize your workload


Staffing & BPM

Don’t let employment shortages affect your bottom line. Our resources will get the job done.

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We are passionate about providing Bank and Servicers with top solutions by the best vendors in our industry.
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PRESIDENT/Business Strategist

Patty Jimenez Winters
COO/ Marketing & Communications Strategist


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